Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will Accounts Direct save me time?

Almost certainly. With our speedy online service you’ll never need to spend time in lengthy meetings with accountants again.

Q: Will Accounts Direct save me money?

Almost certainly – just compare our fees with whatever you are presently paying.

Q: Do low prices equate to poor service?

Absolutely not. Accounts Direct is owned and operated by dedicated accountants with many years of expertise. The low prices are thanks to economies of scale – and choosing to work only with Sole Traders.

Q: Why should I switch to Accounts Direct from my current accountant?

No reason. Unless you want to enjoy a better, simpler, service for much less than you currently pay.

Q: I’ve never heard of an accountant with a heart. Why are you giving money to charity?

At Accounts Direct we believe in doing things right – and part of that is helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

Q: Is Accounts Direct for me?

Depends how you answer these questions


Expert Team – working for you

Wanting to pay the best price for your accountancy services doesn’t mean the quality of service you receive should suffer. By concentrating only on Sole Traders we can bring top level expertise, and considerable economies of scale to bear. That means you get great service – and great prices too.

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